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Prepare Learn Apply Measure


Measuring Return on Investment for Microsoft and Adobe Training

For many organisations, deriving and measuring value from software training is an ongoing challenge. Learning professionals know that the secret to unlocking that value is in the application of newly acquired knowledge and skills by the learner.

That's why TP3 developed our proprietary Prepare-Learn-Apply-Measure performance improvement calculator.

Prepare-Learn-Apply-Measure can be used to measure the ROI of all TP3 Microsoft and Adobe courses. All you have to do is ask your Client Manager to get started.

Success, Step by Step

With Prepare-Learn-Apply-Measure, TP3 tracks learning outcomes that are applied in the workplace to produce tangible, visible improvements for your organisation. We deliver, measure and report the high return on training investment that we pride ourselves on delivering.

1. Prepare

Learners sit with their manager (or learning sponsor) to define their objectives for their upcoming training, and articulate how those improvements will benefit the organisation. The objectives are recorded online and reviewed by the trainer before the course begins.

2. Learn

Learners continue to refer to their objectives as they undertake the course, tracking their progress as they go, and recognising their accomplishments. As learners acquire new knowledge and skills in the course, they consider how they will apply them to their roles.

At the close of the course, their realistic, online action plan to apply learning at work is documented, captured in our system, and sent to the learner via email.

3. Apply

This step is crucial to getting value from training. Having received their action plan via email, the learner discusses how they will turn their action plan into accomplishments with their manager (or learning sponsor) and sets to work making it happen.

Learners also receive additional tools and online resources from TP3, as well as access to telephone support if they require personal assistance.

4. Measure Actual Impact

With the hard work of putting plans into practice well underway, four weeks after the course learners assess and report their performance improvement to TP3. For example, learners who aimed to work faster with Excel will report on their actual efficiency with the application on the job.

Immediately after reporting their improvements online, TP3 gauges the level of change that has occurred since the course and translates this into a dollar value so the organisation can see the true gains that the learning investment has generated.

Consolidated monthly reports of the measured improvements provide L&D managers and HR departments with evidence of the value that these investments are delivering to the organisation.

Developed by experts, with international expert Donald Kirkpatrick

TP3 developed Prepare-Learn-Apply-Measure in consultation with Donald Kirkpatrick, creator of the renowned Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation, and his son James. Our work together was documented in their 2006 book, Evaluating Training Programs (third edition).*

The project involved instructional designers, trainers, senior managers, technologists, and - most importantly - a range of learning specialists from Australian organisations, who participated in focus groups and testing to ensure that Prepare-Learn-Apply-Measure delivers realistic information that is valuable to learning and HR functions.

Prepare-Learn-Apply-Measure continues to be refined and improved to continue to meet the needs and expectations of Australian organisations.

Get Measuring Today

Take advantage of Prepare-Learn-Apply-Measure and uncover the value that TP3's Microsoft and Adobe courses are creating for your business. Contact your Client Manager or get in touch today.

* TP3 was then known as Pollak Learning Alliance.