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Business Etiquette Learning Resources

Business Etiquette and Professionalism Learning Resources

Let's get learning! Get more out of your course with these learning resources from TP3.

Before the course

Want to get the most out of this experience? To prepare for your Business Etiquette and Professionalism course, please:

  • Think about a colleague whose professionalism you really admire at work.
    • What is it about them that makes you think of them as professional?
    • How do they act?
    • What qualities do they possess?
  • Make some notes and bring them to the course.
  • Does your organisation have a dress code? If so, please bring the details of the dress code to the course.

Bring these things with you to the course. If you need help or advice, email us at or call 1300 658 388.


2 weeks after the course

Take time to revisit your action plan, written during the course, and your course workbook.

You might want to review some of the key concepts from the course:

  • The IMPACT model as a professional code of conduct within the workplace.
  • The importance of both your personal appearance and your workplace appearance.
  • Effective time management.
  • Etiquette for introducing people and being introduced.
  • Effective networking techniques.
  • Conveying a professional image when communicating by telephone and by email.
  • Conducting an effective meeting.

What do you commit to focusing on for the next 2 weeks?

If you need help or advice, email us at or call 1300 658 388.


4 weeks after the course

These activities will support you in behaving professionally in any business situation:

  • Ask for feedback from at least 3 colleagues on how your etiquette and professionalism has changed since attending the course.
  • Reflect on which of the key concepts learned have been most useful.
  • Commit to an action plan to continue developing your professional conduct.

We would love to hear about your results! Please get in touch by sending an email to or share them with us on Linked In or Twitter.


The Next Step

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