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Business Writing

The ability to express yourself clearly in writing is one of the most important skills in business. We’ll introduce you to tried and tested structured writing techniques that will help you plan and write effective emails and short business documents that get the results you need. If you’re struggling to write with clarity and influence, then this program is ideal for you.

Communications – Making Connections

Effective communication is pivotal to building and maintaining lasting working relationships. This course will provide you with techniques to communicate effectively with others, make the most of your interactions and achieve your desired outcomes. By connecting with others, you can ensure that your message is heard, understood and responded to.

Consulting Skills

Consulting and collaboration opens the opportunity for deeper levels of understanding and leads to more positive relationships with clients and stakeholders. This 1-day program focuses on developing a more consultative approach to important workplace interactions. It explores the traits of a trusted consultant, outlines the 5 step consulting process and the specific skills required to excel at consulting.

Customer Service – Reaching for Remarkable

A provider of excellent customer service uses skills and behaviours to listen to, identify and act upon the wants, needs and emotions of their customers. This course is about exploring those customer-focused behaviours to move beyond delivering just good customer service to delivering remarkable customer service. Being remarkable will delight your customers, secure their loyalty and grow your business.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

This course gives you the tools you need to understand commonly used accounting jargon, financial statements and reports. You'll discover the benefits of the budgeting process and learn how to look beyond standard financial figures to determine the key performance drivers that give you control over profitability and enhance your strategic planning and decision making.

Growing Your Resilience

We all face challenges and experience difficulties - but why do some people deal with them better than others? We’ll explore a range of simple and practical strategies that help you bounce back from hardship and disappointment. Our course will focus on developing your mindset, increasing your emotional intelligence and learning to be more optimistic. We’ll teach you skills that will build your level of resilience and allow you to stay calm and be more productive when facing personal and professional difficulties.

Influencing Skills

Do you want to challenge perceptions, influence a team, or find new ways to motivate others? We’ll provide you with practical techniques to have conversations that convince and persuade while building strong relationships and establishing your credibility. We’ll help you leverage your natural influencing style and teach you how to have more influential interactions with clients and colleagues. Our course will set you on the path of becoming a master influencer capable of creating constructive outcomes in any situation, benefiting both yourself and your team.

Influencing Skills Advanced

Do you want to challenge perceptions, influence a team, or find new ways to motivate individuals? Influencing Skills Advanced provides practical techniques to have quick conversations that convince and convert. It will take you to the next level in your journey to being a master of influence.

Leadership Essentials

The transition into a leadership position is both exciting and daunting. We’ll help you understand the core concepts behind quality leadership and teach you how to navigate the many challenges of being a new leader. We’ll focus on practical skills that you can easily implement back in the workplace so you can make an immediate impact on your team and their performance. We aim to help you close the gap between being a team contributor and a manager, building your confidence and ability to be an effective team leader.

Leadership Managing People

As a manager, you are expected to demonstrate vision, drive progress and routinely achieve outcomes within your team and across the organisation. We’ll provide you with the practical skills and techniques to be a superior business leader and people manager, arming you with strategies for effective planning, communication and performance coaching. We’ll take you on a personal journey, discovering your authentic leadership style and harnessing strengths that will allow you to mobilise a team and achieve ongoing leadership success.

Presentation Skills

Would you like to be more confident and engaging when presenting in public? In this course, we’ll help you create simple and engaging presentations and teach you to deliver with confidence and clarity. A key element is a before and after video comparison which allows you to see yourself as a presenter and identify where you can improve. During this process we’ll offer you plenty of tips and constructive feedback, building your confidence at every step. If your goal is to become a memorable presenter this course is ideal for you.

Project Management

Have you ever found yourself responsible for delivering a project and being unsure of where to start? This highly practical course will provide you with the tools to give you confidence managing any type of project. Based on world renowned project management concepts and principles, we’ll teach you about the project life cycle including how to fully scope a project and produce a quality project plan. You’ll learn how to avoid implementation pitfalls and understand how to successfully close a project. You’ll leave our course with a clear understanding of how to be an effective and reliable project manager.

Surviving & Thriving Through Change

Change is inevitable and unavoidable in our lives. This seminar examines the role of change in our personal and professional lives. We explore why people resist change and discuss the typical process we go through when change occurs. You will leave the session more comfortable with the changes that impact you, armed with tips and techniques to survive and thrive during times of change.

Time Management

Do you feel your life is out of balance or continually time pressured? Having too much to do in too little time is one of the most common causes of stress. In this course we’ll help you reclaim your time so that you get the most out of your work and personal life. We’ll also help you take a fresh look at your goals and teach new habits that lead you to a life of achievement and satisfaction. At the end of our course you’ll enjoy the benefits of using your time more productively and put in practice new skills that allow you to regain control.

Writing Business Cases and Proposals

This writing course is ideal for anyone needing to learn how to write business cases and proposals. We’ll introduce you to tried and tested structured writing techniques that will help you plan and write business cases and proposals with the power to influence. Clearer, more persuasive documents mean you’re more likely to get the sales and approvals you want.

Writing Policies and Procedures

This writing course is ideal for anyone needing to learn how to write complex business reference documents such as policies, procedures, user guides and web content.
We’ll introduce you to tried and tested structured writing techniques that will help you write clear, concise and consistent documents. More effective documentation means your readers will be able to quickly find and understand the information they need to act, saving everyone time and effort.