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5 Drivers Essential for Success in the 2020s Workplace

How to develop a workforce that is ready, motivated and skilled to perform and grow over the next decade

Results of a global survey identifying the 5 most important drivers for business and organisational success over the next decade. Complete with actions curated from business, HR and Learning Leaders from across the world.



Social Learning in the Workplace

How leading organisations are putting the “social” back into learning and reaping real business rewards

TP3 recently conducted a webinar on the topic with guest speaker Helen Blunden, a leading performance consultant who believes that working and learning are seamless. She has helped major organisations radically improve the way their people learn, connect and collaborate by leveraging the potential for workplace learning of social tools like Yammer, Twitter, podcasts and video-casts, wikis and blogs.

Here we share some of the key learnings from that webinar and from TP3’s extensive experience in blended learning with Australia’s most well-known organisations.



Workplace well-being and the business benefits of a healthy workforce

Corporate well-being programs bring real business benefits such as reduced employee injuries, illness and absenteeism, improved productivity and retention, lower recruitment costs and enhanced corporate reputation, among many others. Here we share key learnings from a recent webinar with Martine Barclay, a leading Australian expert on healthy workplaces.



Making Strategy Stick: A Manager’s Guide

Can a lack of discipline and poor communication alone explain why strategies don’t always become realities? Or is it that we over-emphasise the importance of crafting the strategy, and under-emphasise the need to ensure that it is implemented (and adapted) correctly?



Mobile Learning: What Really Works and Why

We look at why mobile learning works, when it works well, and how learning practitioners can navigate the sometimes tricky paths of technology and expectations to deliver mobile learning that is useful and benefits both learners and organisations.



Gamification: Beyond the Hype

Find out why the gamification of learning is receiving such phenomenal interest, how to separate the reality from the hype, and how you can make gamification an integral component of your learning strategy. This complimentary white paper also gives insight into some great gamification case studies, to help you really understand the gamified learning solution in action.



The Future of Face-to-Face Learning in an Increasingly Online World

In a corporate education profession increasingly impacted by technology and shifting learning paradigms, the value of facilitator-led learning is more pronounced than ever before.



Getting Compliance Under Control

Organisations of all sizes and in virtually every sector are increasingly affected by compliance issues driven by a fast-changing regulatory landscape, complex business environments and technology change. This complementary white paper, is an in-depth review of how documentation meets compliance needs.



Technology and the Future of Learning

Innovative (and disruptive) learning technologies continue to transform the role of learning professionals. Tomorrow’s technologies will actually change what we learn and how we teach. In this white paper, experts from TP3 and NetDimensions discuss the technological breakthroughs we can expect to see that have the capacity to change not only how we learn, but what we learn.



Communicating Change

Up to 70% of organisational change projects fail—from restructures and mergers, to system or technology implementations, new processes, transformation projects and more. This white paper explores both the academic literature and what happens in the real world to answer important questions about change in Australian workplaces.



Knowledge and Productivity Improvement

At TP3 we pride ourselves on driving Knowledge and Productivity Improvement (KPI). This white paper explores what KPI is and how organisations can leverage the promise of learning and use of information to create a change-ready workforce.



Contemporary Leadership: A TP3 Analysis

In white paper, we investigate a broad range of recent executive leadership research and theory to identify the specific qualities that C-level leaders need to succeed. Learn about intrinsic factors that are part-and-parcel of any leader achieving success—as well as the surprising external influences.



Blended Learning: The Simple Truths

Blended Learning means different things to different people and even experts can’t agree on what the term means. This white paper from Cegos Asia Pacific and TP3 explores the drivers behind blended learning, its key elements, and how to get the 'blend' right for your people.



Corporate Learning Research in Australia 2013

This research, commissioned by TP3, examines the corporate learning landscape in Australia in 2013. It discusses key issues facing L&D professionals, including training ROI, key employee attributes, and whether a skills shortage really exists in Australia. It includes implications from the research for learning practitioners.



Aligning Learning Strategy to Business Imperatives

All organisations train their people — but few align learning with business goals, and even fewer run their learning function as a business imperative. Organisations that do outperform their competitors. This white paper from the Cape Group examines the benefits of such alignment and the common mistakes made when attempting to do so, supported by case study examples.



How to Avoid an Information Meltdown

Organisational problems linked to poor documentation range from poor productivity, lost profits and brand damage to litigation, closures—even major catastrophes. This white paper addresses the many issues involved.



Helping Leaders Transform Teams from Good to Great

Based on recent experiences in contact centres, this white paper highlights the real, and often hidden, challenges facing team leaders and provides proven solutions, both strategies and actions, needed to build and maintain a high-performing team. It takes the reader on a journey to transform their team from good to great.



The New World of Work, Play and Windows 8

The TP3 team have dug into the world of Windows 8, and share their verdict on Microsoft's productivity vision, the new user interface, its ease of use and more. This white paper addresses implications for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and how your organisation can capitalise on the opportunities presented by Windows 8.



Compliance in the Public Sector

Key learnings about compliance that are critical to every organisation. This white paper contains valuable results of a quantitative TP3 survey and literature review to define compliance, gauge its importance and examine what it means to have and maintain a culture of compliance.





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