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Influencing Advanced 1 Learning Resources

Influencing Skills Advanced 1 Learning Resources

Let's get learning!  Get more out of your course with these learning resources from TP3.

Before the course: Starter Kit

Your learning starts now - so complete the following activities to become a more confident and effective influencer:

  1. Complete the attached Emotional Intelligence (EI) questionnaire.
  2. Complete the attached Business Behavioural Styles (BBS) questionnaire .
  3. Consider what you want to achieve by attending the course and write down your goals.

Optional Activities

If you're feeling really motivated, you can also:

Bring these things with you to the course. If you need help or advice, email us at or call 1300 658 388.


After the course: Embedding Learning

Take time to revisit your action plan, written during the course, and your course workbook.

You might want to review some key concepts from the course, and complete these activities:

Quick Reference Guide

  • Use this TP3 Influencing Skills Advanced 1 Quick Reference Guide containing key concepts from the course to reinforce your learning.
  • Put it somewhere visible so the ideas are easily accessible.

Your Personal Improvement Plan

  • Review the improvement plan you developed in your Learner Guide during the course.
  • Re-commit to achieving your improvement goals - enjoy a sense of achievement when you achieve them.
  • Continue to add new improvements to your plan.

Practice and Gather Feedback

  • Look for opportunities to influence strategically. Influence often.
  • Be creative;- don't be afraid to incorporate new ideas into your influencing situations, based on what you learned.
  • Review your performance each time you influence for what you did well and what you could do differently.
  • Ask your manager and colleagues for feedback on your strategic influencing skills and any improvements they have noticed.

Keep Learning

We would love to hear about your results! Please get in touch by sending an email to or share them with us on Linked In or Twitter.

The Next Step

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