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Leadership eLearning Library

Leadership eLearning Library


Advanced Management Skills

  • Day to day negotiation for managers
  • Behavioural flexibility of the manager
  • Guiding team and individual actions
  • Becoming a manager /coach
  • Effective decision making
  • Building win-win relationships with your team
  • The manager / communicator
  • Handling emotions within your team
  • Balancing the dual roles of people manager and technical expert

Cross-Functional Management

  • Positioning the cross-functional manager
  • Lobbying strategy of the cross-functional manager
  • Ensuring cross-functional coordination
  • Effective cross-functional manager communication
  • Leadership of the Cross-functional manager

Dealing with emotions and conflict

  • Impact of emotions in the workplace
  • Developing your emotional conscience
  • Understanding emotional dysfunction
  • Understanding and expressing your anger positively
  • Controlling your emotions


Fundamentals of Management

  • Making a success of your first management
  • The management styles
  • Fostering and maintaining motivation
  • The situational skills of the manager
  • The relational skills of the manager
  • The emotional skills of the manager


  • Leadership Best Practice
  • Establishing leadership in the best way
  • Securing managerial support for leadership
  • Personal impact and charisma in leaders
  • 5 levers for producing great leaders

Managing Change

  • Managing change: identifying your profile
  • Managing change: process and tools
  • Creating a vision of the future
  • Managing change: strategic alliances
  • Triggering the dynamics for change

Managing diversity

  • Valuing your experienced staff
  • Valuing your experienced collaborators


These courses can be provided to you in SCORM format for use on your Learning Management System or we can host them for you.


Costs range from as little as $1 to $13 per course per year depending on the courses you choose.


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