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Sales and Services eLearning Library

Leadership eLearning Library


Commercial Management

  • The roles and attitudes of successful sales managers
  • Managing your sales team through uncertainty and change
  • Managing sales activity through uncertainty and change

Customer Relationship

  • Customer relationship: the stakes
  • Customer relationship: building trust
  • Customer relationship: practising active listening
  • Customer relationship: reaching agreement
  • Developing loyalty through customer relationships
  • Key factors in long-term customer relationships
  • Role of the manager in long-term customer relations
  • Building customer enthusiasm
  • Handling claims in long-term customer relationships
  • Developing internal cooperation for customers


Key Account Management

  • The importance of the Key Account Manager
  • Analysing strategic customers successfully
  • Identifying the stakes of the Account Business Plan
  • Managing action plans in teams
  • Removing the five major obstacles to effectiveness


  • Take the buyer's view
  • Preparing for shared success
  • Discover the hidden world of your buyer
  • Presenting your offer with passion
  • Steering the way to mutual agreement
  • Building sustainable shared success
  • The art of persuading through listening
  • Convincing customers with a winning offer
  • Using formal power to encourage debate
  • Using emotions to build trust
  • Using your charisma in difficult situations


These courses can be provided to you in SCORM format for use on your Learning Management System or we can host them for you.


Costs range from as little as $1 to $13 per course per year depending on the courses you choose.


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