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Structured Writing

Structured Writing


Structured Writing is an evolving non-proprietary writing methodology based on established and emerging research that began back in the 1960s.

The methodology helps business and technical writers from all types of organisation create better documents and reports by:

  • Laying out the best way to organise, write and present content
  • Speeding up writing
  • Making it easy for the reader to access and understand the information they need

Presenting information in a way that readers can quickly understand and act on is hugely important in business.

Effectively written documents and communications boost productivity and get better results.

Take our quick Structured Writing Challenge and see for yourself! You’ll be amazed at the difference in time it takes to locate the same information across both a structured and unstructured document.



Structured Writing means:


  • A fail-safe way to tackle writing documentation – starting and planning a document is quicker and easier
  • Improved document quality – content is consistent and simpler to read, write and maintain
  • Reduced training time – documents are more complete, accurate and easy to use
  • Increased productivity – employees complete their tasks more efficiently and accurately as they can quickly access the correct information in an easy-to-understand format, and subject matter experts spend less time answering questions
  • Cost-effectiveness – customer satisfaction and profits increase as a result of increased productivity

Structured Writing is particularly important for single source publishing (the use of the same content across different forms of media and more than one time) and the re-use of topics.


We’ve built our new business writing courses on the tried and tested principles of Structured Writing and incorporated our 30 years’ experience of writing for the corporate and public sectors. 

The content is contextualised to the Australian market and completely customisable. 

Whether you need better outcomes from your email communications, business reports or policy and procedure documentation, these courses will quickly give you the key techniques for success.

And our practical training means you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned back to the office and start writing with greater clarity and confidence right away.

  • Only TP3 Structured Writing courses incorporate internationally recognised principles of Structured Writing as well as our own techniques and expertise — we utilise our own project management process for developing documentation
  • Our experience in complex documentation and training delivery projects is unmatched in the local market
  • New content will be regularly developed, keeping participants up-to-date with emerging research, best practices and new techniques
  • Structured Writing is easy to tailor to your specific writing needs and learning environment
  • The courses are competitively priced
  • There’s no additional software required to train staff and deploy.

To learn more about these exciting courses and make a booking, call us on 1300 658 388 or view our full range of Business Writing courses below.

Courses Available

Course Name Overview Duration Outline Course Dates Delivery Method
Writing Effective Email
This email writing course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their email communications. Have you ever written an email and been surprised it...
3 hours
Writing Policies and Procedures
This writing course is ideal for anyone needing to learn how to write complex business reference documents such as policies, procedures, user guides...
2 days + 90 min virtual classroom
Writing Reports
This report writing course is ideal for anyone needing to learn how to write professional business reports. We’ll introduce you to tried and tested...
1 day
Writing Business Cases and Proposals
This writing course is ideal for anyone needing to learn how to write business cases and proposals. We’ll introduce you to tried and tested...
1 day
Business Writing Skills
This business writing course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and get better results from their communications. The...
1 day