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Business etiquette is much more than knowing which fork to use at a business lunch. This course explores a behavioural code of conduct that ensures that whatever business situation you find yourself in you will know how to act in a professional and appropriate manner. Courses run in Sydney and Melbourne.

Course Price (inc GST where applicable): 
Sydney, Melbourne
1 day
You'll Learn how to: 
  • Conduct meetings effectively
  • Use IMPACT to assess your professional conduct
  • Implement techniques to manage your time effectively
  • Employ techniques to introduce people correctly
  • Apply effective networking techniques
  • Convey a professional image while using the telephone
  • Write effective, professional emails with a clear purpose and outcomes
  • Recall the factors to consider when communicating with people from other cultures
Course Content: 

Professional Conduct

Why is professional conduct important?
What is professional conduct?
Current trends in business professionalism

Creating IMPACT

IMPACT: a code of professional conduct

Your Personal Presentation

Presenting yourself professionally
Professional appearance
Personal organisation

Professional Communication

What is professional communication?
Making introductions
Networking skills
Active listening
Tips for the telephone
Tips for written communication
Cultural considerations

Conducting Effective Meetings

The cost and benefits of meetings
The three stages of an effective meeting
Planning a meeting
Conducting a meeting
Post-meeting follow-up

Action Plan

Planning to apply knowledge and skills at work
References and further reading

The Learning Process: 
Preparing to learn

Get the most out of your course by preparing before you attend the workshop. Access and read your online Starter Kit, complete the activities and document your desired outcomes for the workshop. To get started, click here.

During the course

Our Professional Development courses are practical, interactive and fun. Well-known, proven theories are translated into easy-to-understand concepts and techniques by experienced training consultants. You’ll return to work understanding what you can do to enhance your performance.

After the course

Your Embedding Kit will assist you to apply the techniques at work, ensuring you get the most from your learning experience. For more details, click here.

Customising this course: 

TP3 can provide a range of consulting services to better meet your business needs. These include: closed courses for your organisation; customised course material relevant to your industry and requirements; individual or group coaching; and digital and blended learning solutions.

Booking Information: 
Call 1300 658 388 to book this course, or book and pay online below.
Course Dates: 

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