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This course explores designing and creating a multi-table database and automating operations using macros. You will also learn to use the programming environment in Microsoft Access 2010 to automate processes and customise database functionality.

Course Price (inc GST where applicable): 
Sydney, Melbourne
2 days


You'll Learn how to: 
  • Design a relational database project
  • Create a relational database file with multiple tables
  • Set table relationships and join tables together
  • Create and run a range of queries
  • Modify and adapt existing forms
  • Create and use a range of Access macros
  • Create macros on forms
  • Use a variety of tools that maintain the health your database files
Course Content: 

Relational Database Design

Designing a relational database
Scoping the system
Determining the inputs
Normalising a database
First Normal Form (1NF)
Second Normal Form (2NF)
Third Normal Form (3NF)
Database indexing

Creating a Relational Database

Creating a new database file
Creating lookup tables
Defining a primary key
Saving and closing a table
Creating the expense type table
Creating the transactions table
Creating the details table

Setting Table Relationships

Understanding lookup relationships
Looking up data in tables
Viewing table relationships
Creating new joins
Creating a relationships report

Multi-Table Queries

Creating a relational query design
Filtering relational queries and related fields
Adding more tables and fields
Utilising hidden fields
Creating inner and outer joins

Parameter Queries

Creating a parameter query
Displaying all records
Using parameters to display a range
Using parameters in expressions
Using parameters with wildcards

Calculations in Queries

Creating and formatting calculated fields
Summarising data using a query
Changing the grouping
Calculating with dates
Using criteria in calculations
Concatenating string fields

Action Queries

Creating and using make table queries
Expressions and update queries
Running an expression-based update
Creating and running a delete query
Creating and running an append query
Turning action messages off

Modifying Forms

Form design and layout
Switching between form views
Selecting form objects
Working with a control stack
Changing control widths
Moving controls on a form
Adding an unbound control
Adding a control source
Formatting a control
Inserting the date into the form header

Creating and Using Macros

Creating and running a Macro
Modifying an existing Macro
Stepping through a Macro
Documenting Macros

Macro Techniques

Creating a Print Macro
Using conditions to enhance a Macro
Creating a sequence of conditions
Using the MsgBox function
Using the InputBox function

Macros on Forms

Creating Navigation Macros
Accessing Event Macros
Creating unassigned buttons
Programming an event
Running and modifying an Event Macro
Setting echo off
Adding a close button
Creating and running Search Macros
Naming Macros
Referencing Macro Sheet Macros

Database Wellness

Compacting and repairing a database
Database splitting and the Database Splitter
Managing linked tables
Checking object dependencies
Analysing database performance
Documenting a database

This Course Suits: 

This course is designed for people who need to know how to develop relational databases and automate operations in Microsoft Access 2010.


Successful completion of a TP3 Access Introduction course or equivalent skills and knowledge.

Customising this course: 

TP3 can provide a range of consulting services to better meet your business needs, including closed courses for your organisation, customised course material relevant to your industry and requirements, individual or group coaching and blended learning solutions.

Booking Information: 
Call 1300 658 388 to book this course, or book and pay online below.
Course Dates: 

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