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This course focuses on developing skills and knowledge to create databases. You will learn how to create a new database, enter data in the database, edit existing data, modify the database structure, format content and produce reports and query results from the data.

Course Price (inc GST where applicable): 
Sydney, Melbourne
2 days


You'll Learn how to: 
  • Understand the principles behind Microsoft Access 2013
  • Design a database with lookup tables
  • Create a database structure using Access 2013
  • Create, modify, format and manipulate tables
  • Create simple and effective queries
  • Perform more advanced queries using a variety of querying techniques
  • Create and work with aggregation queries
  • Create meaningful reports from tables
  • Create and use a variety of forms
Course Content: 

Access 2013 orientation

How Microsoft Access 2013 works
Exploring the Access environment

Designing a lookup database

Understanding how Access stores data
Data types
Scoping your new database
Identifying and fixing table problems

Creating a lookup database

Creating a new database file
Creating the lookup table
Defining the primary key
Creating the transaction table
Connecting to a lookup table
Viewing table relationships

Modifying table structures

Adding fields to existing tables
Field properties
Changing field sizes and names
Changing decimal places and date formats
Indexing fields
Deleting fields and tables
Copying tables within a database

Adding records to a table

Typing records in a table
Adding records using forms
Adding records using an existing form
Importing records from Microsoft Excel

Adding transactional records

Typing transactional records
Adding transactional records using a form
Adding records using a subdatasheet
Inserting and removing subdatasheets

Working with records

Table navigation
Navigating to a specific record
Editing and printing records and undoing changes
Deleting records and record data
Searching, finding and replacing in tables and fields
Compacting a database

Formatting tables

Changing column widths
Formatting cells in the table
Moving and freezing table columns
Hiding and unhiding columns in a table

Sorting and filtering

Sorting simply and on several fields
Simple filtering 
Working with filters

Creating queries

Understanding how queries work
Creating queries and query designs
Working with a query
Applying record criteria
Clearing selection criteria
Running queries from the navigation pane

Querying techniques

Modifying a saved query
Creating 'and' queries and 'or' queries
Querying numeric data and dates
Using a range expression
Querying opposite values
Querying using wildcards
Problem characters
Querying with a lookup table
Displaying null values
Querying for uniqueness

Action queries

Creating and working with an aggregation query
Multiple aggregations
Modifying aggregation headings
Aggregating calculated fields
Applying criteria to aggregates
Understanding and creating nested queries

Creating and using reports

How reporting works in Access
Creating basic reports & using existing reports
Previewing and printing reports
Using the report wizard
Creating grouped and statistical reports

Creating and using forms

Creating basic and split forms
Binding a form to a query
Using the form wizard
Working with existing forms

This Course Suits: 

This course is designed for users who need to know how to create databases and to manipulate data to provide viable information.


A general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.

The Learning Process: 

Get the most out of your course by preparing before you attend. TP3 provide pre-course materials that enable you to reflect on and align your learning outcomes with the course content.


TP3's online Learning Resources contains additional tools and resources to help you consolidate and continue your learning.

Customising this course: 

TP3 can provide a range of consulting services to better meet your business needs, including closed courses for your organisation, customised course material relevant to your industry and requirements, individual or group coaching and blended learning solutions.

Booking Information: 
Call 1300 658 388 to book this course, or book and pay online below.
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