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This introductory course is for people who want to know how to create single or multipage publications. You will learn how to apply formatting to text, insert tables and graphics as well as draw objects to enhance the quality and professionalism of your publication.

Course Price (inc GST where applicable): 
Sydney, Melbourne
1 day
You'll Learn how to: 
  • Navigate the Publisher interface, customise the workspace and get help
  • Create a new publication
  • Create a facing-pages layout, insert pages, move items between publications and work with master pages
  • Flow text between text boxes, create continuation notices and apply formatting
  • Create and modify tables
  • Arrange text in text boxes, modify picture frames, adjust the stacking order of page elements and group and ungroup items
  • Proof, print and export publications and prepare publications for commercial printing
Course Content: 


Getting started


The Publisher interface
Getting help


Basic documents


Basic publications
Object positioning


Multi-page publications


Multi-page layouts
Master pages


Working with text


Text box linking
Paragraph formatting Tables
Table basics


Table structure


Table structure
Table formatting


Layout and design techniques


Text boxes
Stacking and grouping objects


Finalising documents


Document output
Print preparation


This course will enable you to produce professional flyers, newsletters, fax covers and other communication material needed to promote your business.

The Learning Process: 

Preparing to learn
Prior to commencing the training, we provide pre-course material that encourages learners to reflect on and align their learning outcomes with the course content.

After the course
TP3's online Resource Centre provides access to additional tools and resources to help you consolidate and continue your learning. We also provide post-course telephone support whenever you require it. For more details visit

Customising this course: 

TP3 can provide a range of consulting services to better meet your business needs, including closed courses for your organisation, customised course material relevant to your industry and requirements, individual or group coaching and blended learning solutions.

Booking Information: 
Call 1300 658 388 to book this course, or book and pay online below.
Course Dates: 

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