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Webinar: Aligning learning strategy

Webinar: Aligning learning strategy to organisational goals

Build a business case for your learning strategy - 
the benefits, the pitfalls and the success stories

All organisations train their people — but few align learning with business goals, and even fewer run their learning function as a business imperative and with the same rigour they apply to other lines of business.
Organisations that do outperform their competitors.
Organisations that do not struggle to attract and retain talent. More critically, they almost certainly lag behind their competitors in time-to-competency, innovation, sustainability, profitability and other critical benchmarks.
In less than one hour, you will learn first-hand how to build a business case for your learning strategy that will create a compelling picture of how learning is crucial to the achievement of business goals.
Receive world’s best-practice advice and guidance on topics such as:

  • Why successful organisations have a learning strategy
  • Why learning strategies can — and often do — fail
  • Benefits and outcomes of a learning strategy that underpins business and commercial goals
  • How to develop a learning strategy that meets your organisation’s specific goals and objectives
  • What are the “must haves” in a learning strategy
  • Seize the opportunity to ask questions from an organisation that has proven expertise in designing strategic approaches to learning functions like yours.

Special presenter

Cathy Aboud, Manager, the Cape Group

With a specialty in designing strategic learning solutions, Cathy Aboud is a renowned human capital consultant with more than 15 years’ experience in the L&D industry with both private and public organisations. She has consulted within industries such as professional services, property, retail, transport, legal, finance and government on solutions including learning strategy, change management, leadership development, competency development and technology. Cathy’s qualifications include a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management and a Graduate Certificate in Change Management (AGSM) and accreditation in Genos Emotional Intelligence, Team Management Systems.