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Webinar - Becoming a Trusted Business Partner

Becoming a Trusted HR / L&D Business Partner

Until now, most organisations have viewed HR as a stand-alone function responsible for tactical areas such as HR policy and administration, learning and development, employee relations, recruitment and change management.

But things are changing. Many of TP3’s most innovative clients are seeking to turn HR subject matter experts into true Business Partners. These specialists are integral parts of leadership teams and thought leaders on people and organisational topics, a vital part of growing people-related solutions that solve complex organisational challenges.

This transition to Business Partners is not without challenges for internal service teams and individuals. They must continue to deliver traditional HR services in an efficient, effective manner that reduces risk and optimises human capital, but also demonstrate their value in the language of business executives.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • A review of TP3’s experience of the HR Business Partner trend inside numerous client organisations
  • How HR Business Partnering is taking place today
  • Challenges and solutions for organisations and individuals in adopting an HR Business Partner model
  • Proven 5-step model to help HR Business Partners lead stakeholder meetings and influence outcomes

This is your opportunity to learn how HR leaders like you are now participating in business-critical conversations at the highest levels of their organisations..

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