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Webinar: Communicating Change

Webinar: Communicating Change

Constant change faces every organisation, yet most change projects fail. Is communication to blame?

Up to 70% of organisational change projects fail—from restructures and mergers, to system or technology implementations, new processes, transformation projects and more.

This webinar explores both the academic literature and what happens in the real world to answer two important questions about change in Australian workplaces:

  • Is change program success predetermined by how it is communicated, the way its messages are heard (and understood) by employees―and by how well middle managers are able to speak positively about the change?
  • If communication is a major component for success, what approach or combination of approaches to communicating change will increase the likelihood of its success?
In less than one hour, you’ll learn:
  • Why change failure is very often linked to a failure to communicate
  • Who are the critical communicators of change
  • How key people involved in change view the experience and their role in it, from the perspective of the senior leader, change manager, line manager and change recipient
  • The role of the frontline manager in effective change communications
  • And much more, including how to make the most of change messages, the value of a visual identity and a review of change management literature


Our Expert Panel

Daniel Lock - Senior Change Professional and Managing Director of Daniel Lock Consulting

Daniel is a senior change practitioner and principal of Daniel Lock Consulting. He specialises in helping organisations to unlock value and productivity through project management, process improvement and change management, and bring extensive experience in improving processes, managing projects and streamlining operations at several of the world’s largest corporations including NAB, Macquarie Bank, Mitsubishi and Westpac. This real-world experience, added to his role as a board member of the Change Management Institute (CMI) NSW Chapter, provides Daniel with a unique, hands-on perspective on change management and change communications.


Susan Dyster - TP3 Communications Manager

Susan has 15 years’ experience in communications, marketing and management. Most recently she has explored the nature of communicating transformational change for research as part of her Master of Communications degree, which she is currently finishing at Griffith University. Susan also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University and a Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice from the College of Law.