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Webinar: Corporate Learning Australia 2013

Corporate Learning in Australia 2013 Research

Hear firsthand the “home truths” from an independent examination into how professional development and training is driving personal, corporate and societal success in Australia

These and many more questions are answered by new independent research into how Australian organisations and government departments are leveraging their training investment:

  • What are the benefits of continuing education to the employee, the organisation and Australian society?
  • How are successful Australian organisations, large and small, measuring the ROI of their training investment?
  • What is the best form of corporate training?
  • What are the most important attributes of an employee?
  • Is there a skills shortage in Australian business?
  • Why are L&D functions so often under-resourced?

And the results may surprise you!

In less than one hour, you’ll receive valuable insight into the macro and micro dynamics of today’s continuous learning environment and our changing workforce. You’ll also hear your colleagues quiz the presenters and researchers for advice and guidance relevant to many organisational learning strategies.

Our Expert Panel

Graeme Philipson — Analyst, journalist and author 

Jacky Morgan — Facilitator and executive coach