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Webinar - Global Workplace Learning Trends in 2016

Global Workplace Learning Trends in 2016

What lies ahead for Australian L&D

Where is the world of workplace learning heading in 2016? Will we focus on micro-learning, gamification and wearable technology, or will bigger picture issues such as consulting with the business prove more important? Learning industry veteran Donald H Taylor examines the results of his third annual Global L&D Sentiment Survey to provide the answers.

Winners, losers and question marks
Don’s annual survey asks L&D professionals one question: “What will be hot in L&D in the coming year?” Over time, the answers have proved revealing. So too have the differences across geographies, and Australia is no exception.

in this webinar Don identifies:

  • The results for 2016
  • Time, hype, winners and losers
  • Geographical differences
  • What else?
  • What to expect in 2016
  • Three case studies.

This is a great opportunity to understand the key trends shaping L&D both here and overseas.

Speakers: Donald H Taylor (Learning Performance Institute) and Stephen De Kalb (TP3 Australia).

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