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Webinar - Making Strategy Stick: A Manager's Guide

Making Strategy Stick: A Manager's Guide

Strategies don’t always become realities. Why is this? Can failure be blamed on a lack of discipline and poor communication, or is it that management over-emphasises the importance of crafting the strategy, and under-emphasises the need to ensure it is implemented (and adapted) correctly?.

Understanding why strategy doesn’t stick is interesting, but alone is not of substantial value. What is valuable is to understand what actions managers, at all levels of an organisation, can take to ensure strategy takes hold, gets results and becomes part of the organisation’s DNA. How can managers make strategy stick?

View this one-hour webinar and gain valuable insights into:

  • Why and how strategy implementation fails
  • What managers can do to personally understand, support and communicate strategy
  • How managers can create commitment, not compliance, in implementing organisational strategy




Daniel Lock, Principal, Daniel Lock Consulting

Daniel is a change practitioner and principal of Daniel Lock Consulting, specialising in helping organisations to unlock value, improve productivity, to achieve breakthrough performance through project and change management and process improvement.

Daniel brings extensive experience in improving processes, managing projects and streamlining operations at several of the world’s largest corporations including NAB, Macquarie Bank, Mitsubishi and Westpac. This real-world experience, added to his role previous role as a committee member of the Change Management Institute (CMI) NSW Chapter, provides Daniel with a unique, hands-on perspective on change management and change communications.

Mike Magee, Chief Executive Office, TP3

Mike has been a Principal in strategic consulting for over three decades and brings significant experience with Asia-based multinational corporations in the learning and development environment in areas such as corporate change, human resources and learning strategies.

Previously he was an Executive Director with Capgemini, one of the world’s largest consulting, outsourcing and IT/professional services companies, where he specialised in strategic outsourcing and change management with global organisations including Ford and DHL.