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Webinar - Mastering Personal Knowledge

Why mastering Personal Knowledge is critical to success

From frontline employees to leadership teams

Work is changing. Simple work is being automated. Standardised work is being outsourced. Complex, creative work built on implicit knowledge is the modern business imperative.

For individuals and enterprises alike there is an urgent, growing need for:

  • New accountability for developing our personal skills. Individuals must embrace responsibility for their personal knowledge and professional development in a socially networked world
  • New forms of organisational support. Functions like HR, OD and L&D must move beyond offering training services and toward supporting “learning as it happens” in the digitally connected workplace.



Harold Jarche

Guest Speaker

Global collaboration expert and author Harold Jarche discusses why 
individuals must learn without borders and master their personal knowledge
in order to build expertise – and explains how this can be best achieved using
 a proven framework to seek out people and other sources of valuable
 information, and to connect, network, share and grow.