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Webinar - Social Learning in the Workplace

Social Learning in the Workplace

A recording of a recent interactive discussion of how leading organisations are putting the “social” back into learning—and reaping real business rewards.

The internet, mobile technologies and social media are utterly transforming our lives as much as printing, the telephone, radio and television have in the past.

And according to learning experts, the workplace is at a tipping point for HR and business leaders. There’s no turning back, only futile resistance.

But what exactly is social learning, and why and how are organisations embracing it to enable valuable collaborations to occur?

You will learn powerful, practical and proven strategies to use social tools to drive improvements in learning and business performance.

Topics covered include:

  • What social learning is—and what it is not
  • Social learning as a transformative, collaborative practice for you and your workplace
  • Practical tips to support social learning in your workplace
  • How to build learning communities and peer networks into your L&D programs
  • Case studies and examples of how social learning is solving business problems.

This is your opportunity to understand and harness the extraordinary workplace learning potential of social tools.



Helen Blunden

Guest Speaker

Helen Blunden

Helen Blunden is a leading performance consultant on how organisations can radically improve the way people learn,  
connect and collaborate. She believes that working and learning are seamless, and she has helped organisations such as
Coca-Cola Amatil and National Australia Bank maintain, retain and share knowledge using social networking and media tools,
apps and platforms—resulting in immediate value, productivity and engagement. Founder and director of Melbourne-based
consultancy Activate Learning Solutions, Helen is an advocate of “working out loud” and regularly shares her work and learning on her blog at