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Information Management

Improving Information Management

TP3 captures, analyses and improves information for increased productivity and staff performance, and has improved information for Australia’s largest organisations, both public and private.

Information Needs Analysis

TP3 identifes the information requirements of your organisation or division using an information needs analysis. We explore and assess the effectiveness of your current infrastructure, systems and processes, and recommend improvements to deliver fast, simple access to critical business information to your people.


Process Mapping

TP3 maps processes to understand what actually happens in your organisation — the ‘as is’ — before identifying opportunities for process optimisation — the ‘to be’ — to generate efficiencies, improve service and ensure consistency.


Information Architecture (IA)

TP3 researches, defines and implements the IA needed to deliver intuitive, efficient access to your critical business information. As a result, IA improves speed of information retrieval, collaboration, knowledge sharing and process consistency for websites, intranets, repositories and knowledge banks.


Document Development and Improvement

TP3 thoroughly analyse business information and its use before recommending and executing improvements that deliver clarity, consistency and efficiency. From policies, procedures and work instructions to intranets and websites, TP3 drives dramatic improvement in these documents and the performance of those who rely on them.


Web Content

Using our analytical expertise and creative flair, TP3 conduct user analysis and recommends architecture for websites, intranets and online portals. We create written content and static and animated visual content to engage your site’s visitors.


Usability Testing

TP3’s usability testing evaluates the effectiveness of a website, intranet, information architecture, document or online application by testing it with the people who use it.



TP3 create engaging and focused digital content that balances the needs of organisations and the needs of their people. We analyse, design, develop and deploy engaging and award-winning eLearning. Click here to find out more about our digital capability and credentials.


Blended Programs

TP3 devises, creates and implements truly innovative blended documentation programs. When document improvement and learning elements are addressed together, engagement increases as employees feel supported in making changes and contributing to business improvements.




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